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  5. "Are you OK? It is over now!"

"Are you OK? It is over now!"

Translation:Oletko kunnossa? Se on ohi nyt!

July 22, 2020



Since you are asking... I have really enjoyed this course. I even love the surprise that the course volunteers even left these kind of farewell sentences for the last lesson. Really heartwarming. I still need to practice a lot, but I will miss it in some way.

Näkemiin toistaiseksi ja kiitos!


Is there a distinction between "nyt ohi" or "ohi nyt"? I've seen both variations for the same prompt in English


In finnish you can really mix words. Only sometimes you will sound like Yoda.


Finnish perhaps yoda is, explain many things, that would!

[deactivated user]

    It's the same but they have different feel.


    Can you use loppu instead of ohi?


    Yes, although the meaning is of course slightly different.

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