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"Osaavatko kaikki pingviinit pelata jääkiekkoa?"

Translation:Can all penguins play ice hockey?

July 22, 2020



nope. ice hockey is predominatly played in the northern hemisphere, while penguins live in the southern hemisphere.


They also live in Pittsburgh, which is in the northern hemisphere.


Check out galapagos penguins. Not that they have much ice hockey opportunities there, but still northern hemisphere ;)


Hockey and ice hockey are the same and answers without the word ice were accepted prior to this question.


While I agree with you that it has been accepted as simply "hockey" in the previous questions there also are field hockey and indoor hockey.

The finnish word "jääkiekkoa" includes the word "ice" so I guess ice hockey is the right translation.

After some research, I guess field hockey would be maa hockey or maajoukkue. I couldn't figure out what indoor hockey is called, though. But while both hockey variants don't seem to be that popular in Finland a finnish indoor national team seems to exist as well as a national team for field hockey. They even have a facebook page...


I'm not a hockey expert and as such have no idea what field hockey or indoor hockey are in Finnish. However, "maajoukkue" is just "national team", and thus isn't tied to any particular sport. :)


Ah, thanks for clearing that up! My Finnish is still at the duolinguo beginners stage... (I would have to survive on pulla and soda pop while trying not to eat any myrkylinnen marjat ;)

But since the finnish field hockey facebook page mentioned the maajoukkue, I guess Finland has got a national field hockey team :)


There's a sport called salibandy that's a form of indoor hockey. And I'm told that the y on the end is pronounced as an English y, or i in Finnish.


Salibandy is usually floorball in English. It's very different from indoor hockey (sisähockey), which is basically an indoor variant of field hockey (maahockey in Finnish).

Salibandy is very popular in Finland (Finland is the current world champion in men), but maahockey is quite rare (sisähockey even more).


To solve the issue of hockey vs. ice hockey, Duo should just put both words in the bank bubble. Same with cross-country skiing. And accept simply hockey or skiing when not using the bank.


Hockey means ice hockey. If you want to talk about field hockey, you would say field hockey. At least here in this part of the US.


I wrote "Can all the penguins play ice hockey" and it is wrong. Why?


It's correct. The version with "the" being the puck between Teams All and Penguins was missing from the options. I've added it now. It will take a few weeks for my edit to appear in the course. :)


Why is "every penguin" not accepted? Isn't it technically the same whether you say all penguins vs every penguin?!


Penguin is a singular noun. Pingviinit is plural, penguins. Every penguin would be joka pingviini. Kaikki pingviinit is all penguins or all of the penguins.


Can all penguins play ice hockey? Pelavaatko kaikki pingviinit jääkiekkoa?


That's more like "do all penguins play ice hockey?" Slightly different in meaning.

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