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  5. "Das sind nicht meine Finger."

"Das sind nicht meine Finger."

Translation:Those are not my fingers.

May 15, 2013



Well then.... I'm kinda glad we are given no context for some of these sentences lol


Another case for X-files. "The truth is out there."


I totally agree. How are we supposed to know that finger is plural in this sentence!


Because of the ending -e in meine.

meine is used before feminine or plural nouns; since Finger is masculine, that means that meine Finger must be plural.


The mild issue with this is that if you are given the plural before the singular, as I was, you'd have no way of knowing that it is masculine. it's not the biggest issue, but maybe keeping plurals out of level one of the lessons, would be good while we get the gender memorized.


that's a really good idea. duolingo is not great at helping us memorise gender


The "sind" could be a clue also.


"Das sind" is plural, "Das ist" is singular.


Would I use this if I have to say something like : "Those are not my (fish) fingers " ?

Else, this is just morbid.


Wikipedia says those are Fishstäbchen, so I don't think so.

[deactivated user]

    In the US, we call them fish sticks. The first time I heard Matt Smith talk about fish fingers and custard, it took me forever to figure out what he was eating. Then, when I figured it out, it made me sick :-) This has nothing to do with the conversation--it just made me laugh.


    YESSS The best doctor...


    As they suggested above, it could be a picture. I'd say it could also be a cuddle pile.


    Morbid, or sexually creepy!


    Since some of you have difficulty imagining a situation in which you can use this phrase:

    Some friends visit you to watch some movies together (maybe all parts of "The Lord of the Rings"). Drinks and snacks are provided so you sit down on the couch and this long sleepless night of fun can begin. In the middle of the first movie you notice something's poking you in the side. First you think that might be a lost chip crumb but you are not able to find it. Everytime you try to pick it up - groping for it in the dark - there's nothing. No crumbs, no more poking. So you try to focus on the movie again, but then it starts again and seems to go into your jeans to your butt. You look accusingly at your friend next to you. The friend notices and asks what's wrong with you. You say: "Nimm deine Finger da weg!" He raises both his hands and says: "Hey, das sind nicht meine Finger!". In this very moment another friend reveals himself with a big grin on his face and you know where to throw the pillow. ;)

    It might save your life to know this sentence in the right moment. ;P

    In colloquial German I know another word for "die Finger". It's "die Griffel" which is only used for "Finger" in a negative context (unpleasent touching or stealing).


    Ah, I hate it when that happens.


    What is the singular form of Finger ?


    these are so tricky to spot because we do not write like this in English .....meinen Finger (my finger) meine Finger (my fingers)


    They also used sind, another clue it was plural.


    We do have some nouns that are their own plural though. One fish, many fish. One moose, many moose. One sheep, many sheep.


    "Mine eyes hath seen the glory of the coming of the lord" i suspect if you look at earlier forms of english the similarities will be more obvious. And non standard german dialects like from saxony would be closer still.


    rodrigob --

    These are some examples of finger - singular:

    Der Finger ist rot. Ein Finger fehlt.

    Meine Hand hat den Finger. Meine Hand hat einen Finger.

    Es ist eine Hand mit dem Finger. Es ist meine Hand mit meinem Finger.

    I hope that helps.


    Was this said by someone waking up in a hospital after an accident examining his/her hand with transplanted fingers?


    Entschuldigung, deine Finger sind auf meinem Rücken. Das sind nicht meine Finger. Das sind meine Zehen.


    I thought "das" meant that


    "Das" can mean both singular and plural.


    Wo sind mein Finger? Wo sind dein Finger? Finger, finger, wer habt unsere Finger?



    "wer hat unsere Finger?"

    But apart from that, it's pretty good. Keep it up.


    Regarding rationality of this sentence: I have figured it out! Suppose the door was freshly painted, but fingerprints have ruined the job. Whose fingers were those? "Das sind nicht meine Finger!!"


    Then where did those fingers come from?

    [deactivated user]

      Wiktionary says the plural is "Finger", "Fingers" or "Fingern". Is it wrong?



      Where does it say that?

      In https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Finger#Declension , I see that the genitive singular of Finger is (des) Fingers and the dative plural is (den) Fingern -- which is correct.

      For the nominative plural -- the form that is usually meant when someone just speaks about "the plural" -- I see only one form, (die) Finger, which is also correct.

      Are you looking in a different place than I am?


      Sounds like a horror story.


      I thought Finger was masculine... "Der Finger"... so why "meine" instead of "Mein"... is it because the implied plural would use meine?... just curious.


      It's not implied plural, it's actually plural. Fingers. It just happens to have the same form as the singular form, which can be confusing for language learners. Like fish in English.


      I wrote "They" instead of "those" and got marked wrong. Why is "They" wrong here?


      Because the German sentence doesn't use sie (they).


      Why "those" and not "this"?


      Because "my fingers" are plural.


      These are not my fingers. Not accepted. Should I report it?


      "These are not my fingers" is one of the accepted translations.

      If it was not accepted for you, a link to a screenshot would be helpful.


      why "sind" and not ist ???


      Because meine Finger is plural.


      Das sind meine Zehen ! You should see my fingers...


      Why isn't nicht at the end of this sentence?


      Because it negotates not the verb, but word "meine"


      Sie sind nicht meine Finger... Sie gehören zu Freddie Kruger!


      Hallo, Vsauce! Michael hier. Wo sind deine Finger?


      What a great horror movie scene..


      Those are not my WHAT??!


      WTF does this mean. H-how do you understand this!!?


      Welcome to the world of Duolingo. You know, the world has weird things going on


      The whole idea behind Duolingo is so that you can learn languages. I think you didn't understand the basics good enough or got this question at an early stage?

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