"These are two buses."

Translation:Seo dà bhus.

July 22, 2020

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Why ist it not busaichean?


Because the numeral takes a singular form of the noun (in older language it took a separate dual form, which for some nouns was identical to singular, so when dual as a separate category disappeared, it was replaced by singular).

So dà bhus bus tri busaichean. You can see more examples of Gaelic numerals at Gaelic Grammar Wiki.


Another question is how do i see any eventual replies i write on here?


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Is there a difference between "these are two buses" and "there are two buses"?


I think so. It's unfortunate that in English the two sentences are only different by one letter while in Gaidhlig the latter would be:
Tha dà bhus ann
While "these are", which indicates that the buses are right there to be pointed to, translates to
Seo dà bhus

I actually got this wrong the first time because I read it too quickly and put the other translation instead.


This is especially aggravating for me because there's a crack on my screen right where the 's' in "these" shows up, and it just makes SO much more sense that someone would be saying "there are two buses" so I keep getting it wrong repeatedly

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