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"By whom is this event organized?"

Translation:Par qui cet événement est-il organisé ?

July 22, 2020



does "par qui est cet évènement organisé" not work?


That word order isn't accepted. The inversion construction in the default translation is preferred. The subject is mentioned twice, as noun and matching pronoun (événemment... il). The pronoun and the verb are in inverted order wit a hyphen between them.

  • Par qui cet événement est-il organisé ?

If people are scared to try the inversion construction with a question word, I think proper non-inverted form, with the question word at the end, would be

  • Cet événement est organisé par qui ?

Of course if your learning goal is to achieve competence in French, now is the time to work on the inversion construction.



Thanks for the link. Do you know why “Par qui est-il organisé cet événement ?” Is unacceptable?

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