July 22, 2020



Translating "may" to "voida" feels odd - "may" is not really an infinitive, is it?


There is no English infinitive 'to may'. An English infinitive has always 'to' in it. To speak, to dance, to walk etc. Therefore 'voida' cannot be translated as 'may'. 'Voida' is mostly 'to be able to'. 'You may' comes from 'you are allowed to'. You may go to the toilet - you are allowed to go to the toilet. Ous sons heard several times at school somebody asking 'can I go to the toilet?' and the teacher would say yes. When the child got up to go there the teacher said 'I didn't say that you may go to the toilet'. This exercise should be removed or modified.


And I translated it as toukokuu :-)


Months in English are capitalised, however. Unlike in Finnish.


I think it's more like "can". Like "voin auttaa" = "I can help"


"May" can translate to at least four different Finnish verbs, and one of those translations is "voida". "Can" can translate to at least ten different Finnish verbs, which of course also includes "voida".


'May' could be translated as 'voin', 'voit', 'voi' etc., but not as 'voida'. Voida is an infinitive, may is not.


"Voida" is roughly "to be able," while "may" means to be likely to our to have permission to. It's not a very good translation, even aside from other considerations.


as it doesn't say here whether it's about the verb (can) or the noun (the month) may, I tried with toukokuu. I knew that it will be rejected and I wanted to report it, so it can be included as a possible answer. and I did


'Can' is the basic meaning, i think


It's reassuring that dl-finnish approaches finnish from a finnish point of view. Though, I'm still tempted to tip my hat in awe of intrepid tourists seeking out and fiding their favorite burger/fries/cola in the congo or sahara, "Dr.RonaldMcDonald I presume?".

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