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"– Are you crying? – (sob) I am homesick."

Translation:– Itketkö sinä? – (nyyh) Minulla on koti-ikävä.

July 22, 2020



I think "sob" and "nyhh" and such could be left out of the exercises. They don't add to the learning. Just annoying.


Cannot agree with you more.


Koti-ikävä and itketkö = itketkö sinä so you do not need to use sinä!!!

[deactivated user]

    Perhaps, but no one would practically ever say it without sinä without any previous context.

    You would only hear it in something like "I think I will cry now. - Well, do you?" "Luulen, että itken nyt. - No, itketkö?"

    [deactivated user]

      Reported: "Itketkö? (nyyh) minulla on koti-ikävä" should be accepted.


      Sinä is not required. It is either emphatic or redundant, but not necessary for the correct meaning to be conveyed here.


      Sinä may be left out and should be accepted as correct. Annoying this


      You could be sinä or te, but te was wrong...


      In this case only sinä is correctI think. From the answer you can see the singular you was the correct translation. Otherwise the answer would have been we are home sick.


      What is nyyh? Especially when it is 'must be' in this sentence


      What are the rules about when to use personal pronouns and when not to use them? Itketkö means "are you crying." Is there a need to add sinä???? Tell me where to find the rules for this!


      What I understood is that the 1st and 2nd person sing. and plur. can be left out. In Finland they always leave them out. Only in cases that you would like to emphasize that specific I, you or we, it is added. In the contrary, the 3rd person sing. or plur. needs to be in the sentence.


      I would love to see tips that explain why a personal pronoun is necessary/expected in one context, but not in another. Right now, it just seems totally random. May as well flip a coin.

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