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French book club?

I have opened a thread to discuss our book club: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4089414

I have recently seen that many Duolingo learners, practicing other languages (e.g. German) have founded some kind of a book club to read and discuss the books in the language, they are learning. Now I have wondered whether something like this exists for French learners too, as I would really enjoy practicing French in such a way. Has anyone heard of something like this for learning French? Thanks for answering :)

August 9, 2014


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Je l'ai vu dans le forum italien et je suis très intéressé, mais j'ai peur que mon français n'est pas assez bon pour débattre de livres...

However count me in!


If this is a thing, I'd be really interested!


I was just searching the other day for one. I've now joined the German one where I'll be reading Grimm, but my French is a lot better. If anyone starts/finds one I'll probably join!


bump for interest


I looked for this once after I saw students from other languages talking about their book clubs, and I found this post: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3237477. However, I haven't seen any other posts for the French club since that one (only for the other languages), so I don't know if the French club ever went anywhere, maybe there weren't enough people interested? Someone might ask the host what happened.


I don't think there is one yet. Someone needs to take the lead and found it. Someone experienced in the language would be nice.


"hint, hint" haha Like you?


Nope, hopefully someone way better than me ;)


Ah, gotcha, but by the looks of it, I think you can handle it.


I'd be interested, as long as they're short children's books, and preferably available online!


ok no pb online we can discuss i would be glad to help you


Solarhome, in the original book club post (I linked to it earlier), they were planning to read books in English because they are easier to find, and then discuss them in French. But if you're looking for children's books online, someone posted a link to this website: http://www.childrenslibrary.org/icdl/AdvancedSearchCategory?ilang=English (I don't remember who, or I'd give credit). You can narrow the search by age group and by language, and if you search for books in French and English, you can switch back and forth between languages on each page to check your translations as you go.


Thanks Anthgrl and Bensouhil! That website looks really good! I'll start a new thread called 'Children's books in french - Oscar', if either of you or anyone else would like to join me there we can discuss our first book!

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J'aime les histoires de Petit Nicholas....


Maybe we could start with a graphic novel? It would be a good easy start. There's a french one called Persepolis with great reviews :)


Good idea! Persepolis is such an interesting story! That, and children's books is a good start, I think:)


That is a great idea! I really enjoyed reading Persepolis in English, so reading it again in French would be nice... I think The Rabbi's Cat is also a French graphic novel.. and Le petit Prince is pretty much a staple in many different languages, so that's another idea


It would be great to have a look at 'Le petit prince'


I have started a "club de lecture" now. (link at the top of the page) :) and I hope many people will join :)


Nice idea. I don't know if it excists.


i live in france so i know to speak french but i am not so good in grammer and stuff but it sound interresting


I'm very interested!!!!


okay let's start


i would like to learn and improve my english, i am french i can help you no pb


really? i m learning French but i used to take half yr course for French in 2012


i would be glad to help you


I'm interested as well. Especially if it's low key, french, english, and frenglish as discussion languages:P (I know I'm not up to an all french discussion..) Great initiative, tomxy!


Im interested too - especially as viland91 says - low key and flexible. I don't have the confidence to do just French!


okay cool let's start and tell me what do you want to know


okay cool let's start and tell me what do you want to know


Can I join? As long as it's not super hard I've been soins french for less than a year but I'm ok in it


Is this working?


Hello world I need some...............:||

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