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"My friends would not want to be unemployed anymore."

Translation:Mes amis voudraient ne plus être au chômage.

July 22, 2020



Why is ne after voudraient? Doesn't "not" modify "want" rather than "be"? The French seems to say "My friends would want to not be unemployed anymore". Of course that's the same sentiment, but it isn't the same sentence!


Unless a moderator says otherwise, I think the translation provided is wrong in the literal sense.


The English and the French don't seem to mean the same thing!


The question should then be "My friends would want to not be unemployed any more."


Agreed. This isn't consistent with other similar questions. While it amounts to the same thing, wanting to be gainfully employed, there is a minor difference between "not wanting x" and "wanting not x". I guess with a team it's not easy to make these things consistent.

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