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"Osaako Otso käyttää tuota tulostinta?"

Translation:Does Otso know how to use that printer?

July 22, 2020



Osaa can also be translated with 'can'. Please fix this.


18/01/2021 still isn't accepted


Another pronunciation fix: double consonant in käyttää-t-tuota These Finnish sound examples are unfortunately just computer generated so they can't figure out the "hidden" sounds. I hope there could be some real recordings somewhere in the future :)


I don't get why this is in partitive. My thinking is that "printer" is countable and in this case we even talk about a specific printer. I've looked at the tips as well but it's still blury. Where do I go wrong?


According to this site, käyttää is a partitive verb. It usually needs a partitive object, even when that object is countable. When it needs an accusative object is explained here, at section 3.2.


Oh that makes sense then. Thanks a lot!

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