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Does the Finnish course expand grammar beyond the nominative case?

Question. I've been dutifully studying my duolingo Finnish and am now well past the first checkpoint though not nearly at the second one. Given the shortness of the course, I'm becoming slightly alarmed at the fact that no cases beyond the nominative (other than the limited use of the adessive case for possession) have been introduced. I wouldn't consider a course in Finnish (nominative case only) to be a complete waste of time... but I would be gravely disappointed. Can someone please reassure me that the legendary finnish grammar (case endings in particular) will be making an appearance at some point? If the question seems premature given my limited progress that is because my mental template is other duolingo courses in heavily declined languages such as Turkish, and all of the Slavic languages, that introduce case endings early and often.

July 22, 2020



The notes are completed only for the first 8 skill units. I understand from this post (https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/39838113) that the Finnish course will cover, to some degree, the following:

  • forming and using the nominative case in both singular and plural

  • how to use the partitive case in the singular

  • verbs with partitive objects

  • how to use the inessive case in the singular

  • a shorter introduction to the adessive and the essive cases in the singular


I've been helping people a lot on the sentences on the forum and there's definitely going to be lots of the partitive case and also some of the accusative case at least. Maybe the genitive too. And I would say there's also the locative cases that equal to the missing prepositions in Finnish. Also when expressing possession with pronouns, they always use adessive case and I've seen lots of exercises about that too.

I'd say it's pretty much impossible to practice even the basics of Finnish without learning probably like a half of the cases at some point. But in the end our most used cases are: nominative, partitive and genitive, and then also the accusative (which looks like genitive or nominative, so it might look like you're using only the nominative! So no one even knows really if Finnish has accusative anymore or not.) + the locative cases. (For anyone interested, on this website, I find the "Frequency of usage" of the cases extremely interesting.)


It's an interesting contrast with the Hungarian course, which kinda tosses you in the deep end of cases. By the fourth checkpoint, you've been introduced to eleven of them (Nominative, Accusative, Inessive, Superessive, Adessive, Illative, Sublative, Allative, and three more I haven't gotten to yet.)


they definitely start using the partitive case at some point.

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