"De toute façon, je ne serai pas là après-demain."

Translation:In any case, I won't be there the day after tomorrow.

July 22, 2020

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"De toute façon" can also be translated as "anyway", though it is not accepted here. Can someone explain why?


It's DL? Not being facetious, but this happens a lot! If you did not have it accepted, let them know via the flag that your answer should have been accepted, then make a note to only use their version on the app until you get an email accepting your suggestion.

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I am not questioning "apres demain" as "the day after tomorrow". I wish to know how to say "after tomorrow" in French please?

I did a search in web and only found the answer as "apres demain".


après-demain = the day after tomorrow

après demain = after tomorrow


WOW! I saw this question in another thread and this is the only good answer... including mine which I concocted then and can't remember now. I haven't even been able to find this answer through googling... or i missed the non hyphen.THANKS!


Agreed. "..... won't be there after tomorrow" should be accepted.


DL is teaching après-demain, which means "the day after tomorrow". The hyphen makes the difference.


When a statement like this is heard instead of read, though, how would the listener know which is meant, since the hyphen can't be heard? Seems like it could be confusing.

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    Would the French would say "Je ne serai PLUS là après demain" if they mean I won't be here after tomorrow (it's my last day working here)?


    (It seems French imparts a good deal MORE information when written down rather than when spoken.)


    the hyphen is 'heard' based on the very quick pronunciation of both words which make it sound like one'. You can clearly hear it. Same way with grand-mere etc etc. Maybe the first time one can easily miss it but after it gets easier.


    I disagree - that would mean/imply you will never be there again whereas "the day after tomorrow" would be specifically on that day! :)


    Anyway, I won't be there after tomorrow was not accepted? Does après demain specifically mean the day after tomorrow? Can de toute façon be translated as anyway?

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    look at lulularosa's comment


    You have lulularosa's answer to this..note the hyphen between apres-demain

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