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  5. "Onko sinulla tyttöystävää?"

"Onko sinulla tyttöystävää?"

Translation:Do you have a girlfriend?

July 22, 2020



Why is tyttöystävää in the partitive case? Is it because you're unsure if the person has a girlfriend or not?


It's becase when she asks you "Do you love me?", you tell her "Only partly"


Ei, minullä ei ole tyttöystävä :/


It should be: "Ei, minulla ei ole tyttöystävää".

The object of the negative answer is always in partitive.


So why is this question in the partitive, but "do you have a new girlfriend" is not in the partitive?


That already refers to a kind of specific girlfriend, weirdly enough. Even if you don't know her at all and she may in fact not exist. It's just somehow more "certain" than the out-of-the-blue Do you have a girlfriend?, which is more "any" girlfriend.

The same goes for those sentences where we have a gadget, I think it was a camera or a cell phone, and we're asking either whether you have one (partitive) or whether you have a Japanese one (the "whole" object, which here looks like nominative).

I know this may sound strange and very illogical, but it's perfectly logical to us... :-/


Ah, no that does make sense! You are more sure of the existence when you have an adjective before the noun, rather than wondering if you have the noun at all. Kiitos!

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