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"You have a house of your own."

Translation:Teillä on oma talo.

July 23, 2020



"On you, there is your own house." Just a friendly reminder of the literal translation to be better prepared to answer "Onko sinulla kylmä?" with "on" and not "olen" later. XD


Other than highlighting the hint/knowing this particular lesson already, how would one determine if it means You(group) or You(individual)? Especially without any previous context. I only know its for sure plural due to knowing teilla is a focus.

In English, "you" by itself is not so often used to mean a group. Usually it would be "you all" "all of you" or a previous context that makes it clear that the pro-noun/possessive noun is a direct group, not an individual.


With English, you can't know which one is meant since there is no context. Therefore, as mentioned above, both are of course correct translations. Both sinulla and teillä (watch the umlauts) have been accepted here for months. (Make sure the rest of the sentence is correct, too. With this sentence, we get a lot of reports using the word "koti", which is wrong.)


Previously when I had used "sinulla" instead of "teilla" it had given me an incorrect mark.


Does this one accept "You" (singular) and "You" plural?

In English, you can't distinguish which it's asking for


Yes, both are accepted. Well, either :-)


You have can be both, teilla and sinulla


Not for me, it gave me an error just for that


Why isn’t the sentence ”You have your own home” ?


"You have your own home" is just as good as "You have a home of your own".

But this sentence is about a house, talo, not a home, koti.

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