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"Oh wow! There is quite a lot of snow here."

Translation:Oho! Täällä on tosi paljon lunta.

July 23, 2020



Tosi paljon = quite a lot? Wouldn't it be "really a lot", or "ihan paljon"?


The tooltips stated "melko paljon" for "quite a lot". That is what I intuitively wrote (without looking). I think "Oho! Täällä on melko paljon lunta" would be a reasonable answer.


Hmm, I'm no expert on how the tips work here (yet), but I think it shows (and it should) that melko = quite. But melko paljon is less than quite a lot. I blame the English for this inconsistency... :-p


I agree that "melko paljon" is less than "quite a lot" but I believe "aika paljon" should be accepted because it's used the same way. It is now incorrect. (Feb 2021)


Not a good sentence unless previously established that "tosi" covers the meaning of "quite." For me, "quite" is much weaker than "really."


the hints are still showing ihan first and melko second here which seems to be incorrect ^^


The hints don't work like that. They are not sentence specific, but instead work just like items in a dictionary: you look up the word, and see various correct translations. It's still up to you to pick the right one for that context. And the order they are in means absolutely nothing.


oh wow, i guess i'm an idiot then :D i saw that the hints changed a bit in some lessons and just assumed they would fit exactly. oh boy.


I don't know if there are criteria for being an idiot, but I'm pretty sure this ain't it :-)

Fun fact about the hints: They even work across different Duolingo courses. So if you are doing some language combo that has a course both ways, and you make a mistake or something that doesn't really work except maybe in that particular sentence, you might be messing up someone else's course... At least we don't have to worry about that (unless there ever comes a "English for Finnish speakers" course, which I doubt).


Yes, I know that it is ultimately the user's responsibility to choose the correct hint, but I have noticed that often, I would say usually, the correct one is shown on top. Even in this very sentence you can look and see that "lunta" is on top, and "lumi" is under it.


Tosi doesn't appear at all in the hints


Aika paljon = quite a lot. I tosi paljon = really a lot


Confusing to me because melko generally translates as "quite" on Duolingo. Also, this may be where American and British English part ways. In the USA "quite" does not mean "a lot," but rather "less than a lot." So, it's confusing to me, but I can see how Duolingo can't cover all these bases in a single exercise!


quite=tosi, really=tosi, really= todella...what else?


"Melko paljon" sounds good to me. Can't get why its not accepted.


Melko paljon is not enough for quite a lot, as you can see from earlier messages in this thread.

Also, (if it was your report) note that taalla is not an acceptable spelling of täällä.


Does "tässä" work here in place of "täällä"? It was rejected and I don't know whether to report it or not.


No, that sounds quite (hah!) weird. Tässä is very local, as in maybe 1 m^2 or so.


Does it sound so weird that I couldn't say it even if I specifically mean the snow that's within a meter or two of me? Maybe I'm standing in the middle of a pile generated by a snowplow and there is relatively little outside that pile, but I'm commenting on how much there is in the pile.

I know it sounds like I'm being pedantic here, but I really want to internalize this distinction.


How about "Täällä on melko monta lunta."?


Unfortunately, no. That'd be "There are quite many snows". :)

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