"Celui dont elle rêve n'est pas uni, mais à fleurs."

Translation:The one that she's dreaming about isn't plain, but floral.

July 23, 2020

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Not accepted: "The one that she dreams about isn't plain, but with flowers."? I think "floral" vs "with flowers" is splitting hairs. (And possibly testing our English vocab more so than our French vocab!


Yes, I fully agree. It seems they are a bit too picky - and this is rather testing English skills than French.


Yes, there's even floral(e) in French for "floral"; "with flowers should be accepted.


what the heck does "floral" signify in english anyway.. i have never used that word in that sence... neither have i used "plain but floral/with flowers either.. so say someone is pretty. it does not even sound native english...


It's just an adjective for things associated with flowers. Floral patterns on clothing, floral scents in perfumes, etc.


"The one she dreams of is not plain, but with flowers.'. Firstly dreaming of = dreaming about, secondly floral = with flowers. We do not know what she is dreaming of, it may be an item of clothing, but it might equally be a sward with daisies. In the latter case 'with flowers' might be more appropriate.


"The one that she is dreaming for is not plain, but with flowers" was also marked incorrect. I think my answer should accepted as well as the one from GeJianMin.


And this answer too - The one that she dreams of is plain, not floral


"The one she dreams of is not plain, but floral." Accepted... and rather better than Duo's, I think.

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