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About 'die Toilette'

'die Toilette' means the bathroom?! It is wrong. 'die Toilette' means the toilet. 'the bathroom' in German is 'das Badezimmer'.

August 18, 2012



In German, there is a clear distinction between the words "Badezimmer" (a room with a bath tub or shower and sometimes also a toilet) and a "Toilette" (a room with only a toilet in it or the toilet itself). However, I think particularly in American English the words "bathroom" or "restroom" are also common euphemisms for "toilet", as in "I have to go to the bathroom". This means that in some contexts, the translation of the English word "bathroom" would indeed be "Toilette" in German and vice versa. Does that make sense?


That's a peculiarly American thing, to say you're going to the bathroom, when you're going to the toilet. It causes confusion and bemusement when Americans mix with other English speakers.

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