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"This milkshake is really good."

Translation:Tämä pirtelö on tosi hyvää.

July 23, 2020


[deactivated user]

    I used "todella" in stead of "tosi" which was accepted as an alternative. Now I am wondering what the difference is. I strongly suspect tosi and todella are different cases of the same word. Anyone?


    Tosi is truncated form of todella.


    'Tosi' is in the nominative case, and can be the noun 'truth/reality' or the adverb 'really'. I think the adverbial use is more common in speech than in writing. 'Todella' is in the adessive case, and is used as the adverb 'really'.


    Why is the adjective used in the partitive case here? Would hyvä be possible too?


    This is a tricky question. For mass things you use the partive as is done here. For non-mass things nominative, like

    • Tämä kirja on tosi hyvä : This book is really good.

    because kirja is clearly a non-mass thing.

    Having said that at least in colloquial speach you can say

    • Tämä pirtelö on tosi hyvä.

    which is understood to refer to the portion of the milkshake instead of directly to the milkshake-mass. I am not sure but I suspect it is tad too colloquial for Duolingo's taste.


    What is wrong with "Tämä pirtelö on todella hyvin."


    "Hyvin" is an adverb.


    Essentially, 'The milkshake is really well', if I understand correctly.


    Tosi is the same word as todella. But then the "street" version.

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