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"Tämä televisio on pieni ja tuo televisio on suuri."

Translation:This television is small and that television is large.

July 23, 2020



It doesnt seem to like TV in place of television.

Question for some of you who may know: is the term TV commonly used in non-english languages and cultures as well?

(My guess is no, but i'd love to find out for sure)


Yes. I think as with other newcomer inventions like micro(wave oven) and computer, e-mail etc the shortened TV is very much in use in my mother tongue too.

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In Finnish, TV (pronounced as "teevee") is used sometimes. Other more common informal words include telkkari, telkku, and töllö.


Was accepted for me, and tv is used in Polish, but not in German, because the german word for television is completely different (something like far-seer)


Really? It marked me wrong for saying "big" instead of "large"? Does it really matter? I don't even think "suuri" is used properly here - shouldn't it be "iso"? As far as I know, "suuri" is reserved for things such as goals and dreams, while "iso" is more about objects and people.

Am I wrong?

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Big should definitely be accepted.

There isn't any "official" distinction or reservation of use between suuri and iso afaik, but yeah, suuri tends to be used in some idiomatic expressions such as suuret unelmat. If some distinction has to be made, I'd say iso sounds a bit more informal than suuri.


That is analogous to English, where "big" is less formal than "large". But they are exact synonyms in English.


This television is small but that television is big..not sure what is the difference between large and big here


How funny the word "tuo" in italian is "yours" but in finnish means "that".


I find false friends between Finnish and a lot of Indo-European languages.


so saying huge instead of large is wrong?

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Huge is more like valtava so I wouldn't mark it as correct. Big would be fine, though.


Miksi ei hyväksytään? En pääse eteenpäin. Harmillista!

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