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"– Could you recommend something? – Sushi is really popular."

Translation:– Voisitko suositella jotain? – Sushi on todella suosittua.

July 23, 2020



Are tosi and todella very different in meaning? I put tosi for really, and it was marked wrong.

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No, they are practically the same. My call would be that tosi is fine in all but the most formal contexts so I would accept it.


It also threw out voisitteko instead of voisitko. I thought they were probably talking to the waiter, so the more formal version would be more appropriate.

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It's definitely correct. I think the formal version is nice but the mainstream trend nowadays is to use the informal (sinä) version even when interacting with persons you don't know.


Voisitteko te was accepted on 19 Apri 21


what is the difference between :

Voisitko suositella jotain? – Sushi on todella suosittua and /or voisitteko suositella jotain sushi on todella suosittua please correct your CORRECT answers

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Voisitko is the singular form, voisitteko is plural. They both translate to English "could you". Voisitteko is used as a politeness form when talking to a single person, or it can address a group of several persons.

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[deactivated user]

    We should also be able to use the plural / formal "you" here also. Certainly its more likely in the given context the formal is used "Voisitteko.."


    I got confused, when clicking on the word for recommend it came up suositella


    Tosi todella tosi todella tosi todella

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