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"The video is quite good, but the sound still needs to be fixed."

Translation:Video on ihan hyvä, mutta ääni pitää vielä korjata.

July 23, 2020



Why is "mutta ääni vielä pitää korjata" not accepted?


I don't know why either, but here's some evidence of relative incorrectness:

Google searches for either phrase

  • "ääni vielä pitää" – 3 hits
  • "ääni pitää vielä" – 90 hits


are there rules on the sentence order? i thought it was not as strict in finnish but i occasionally get it wrong without even knowing why :D here f.e. i had vielä and pitää the wrong way around. would that be a major mistake in a conversation?


Shouldn't "melko" be accepted as well? Or can anyone please explain why it isn't?


Likewise; I was wondering the same thing.

[deactivated user]

    ihan hyvää / but not melko hyvää i though ihan was pretty / really and melko was quite?


    I used melko too and put viela before pitaa. Is it right?


    Another sentence order that is perfectly fine but rejected by duo

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