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  5. "Onko täällä puhelinta?"

"Onko täällä puhelinta?"

Translation:Is there a phone here?

July 23, 2020



Why is the phone in partitive case here?


"Puhelin" would mean a specific phone, whereas the partitive indicates a more general need for any phone available, i.e. a phone.


In some sentences, after the same verbs, the case changes, in others, it does not change. The pattern is unfortunately not clear. What about explaining the rules like in some other courses?

[deactivated user]

    Duolingo, please inform us what exactly is the difference between a phone and a telephone, when using the word puhelin?


    "Is the phone over here?" Would be translated in a different way? Something like "Onko puhelinen täällä?" Am I right?


    Onko puhelin täällä?


    When presented with "Onko täällä..." and asked to select the answer, how is one to know if the question is asking generally for a phone or for a specific phone? Would the question be "Onko puhelin täällä?" if someone was asking specifically? Is it the word order?

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