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"Are you looking for a television?"

Translation:Etsittekö te televisiota?

July 23, 2020



If a particular you is desired, eg singular or plural, it should be specified. Definitely the beta version :p


Once again please specify in the English sentence if you specifically need us to use the plural as English is dumb that way at the second person, or just please make sure both plural and singular are accepted there...

[deactivated user]

    Why te why not sina with Etsiitko and why the article at all, DL this is pretty poor stuff


    Why need the personal pronoun at all?


    Would this mean that you are right now searching for a particular television (say that someone has moved to another room), or that you are just generally on the look-out for a telly if a good deal comes up. In English it's ambiguous "I am looking for a car" could mean there is a particular car I need to find, or I want to buy a new car and I'm searching around". Where the verb "sinä etsin" means the object has taken the partitive anyway, is there any way to distinguish?


    Without context it can mean both.

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