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I need help with a problem discovered in the Finnish course

Hi guys,

I have been learning Finnish for a few weeks. The course is great and what I appreciate most is that for each step, the users have the opportunity to come back and practice.

Still, the "Sights" section, under the first checkpoint, does not allow any practice, although from this point things are getting more complex.

Is it a bug? If so, please be aware of it and let us know when this is fixed.

It is important to be able to exercise.

Thank you

July 23, 2020



Really? It works fine on mine; i use the web. Hope your problem is fixed soon. Happy learning!


Thank you! I hope this would be solved soon. Can you see the "Exercise" option in the "Sights" lesson?


Are you on the app? Have you checked whether you have the latest version? Someone else had a similar problem and it was solved by updating the app.


Thank you! You were right!


Jee! Happy practicing :-)


Me neither - I do not have any problem with ´Sights´. I tried on my computer as well as on my phone, and it works in both cases.

The only thing that is different about it is that there are no ´tips´ starting from ´Sights´.


That is true. There are no "tips" (grammar tips) after the section "Sights"

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