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  5. "We have two Finnish dogs."

"We have two Finnish dogs."

Translation:Meillä on kaksi suomalaista koiraa.

July 23, 2020



Just out of curiosity: anyone know why it is "kaksi koiraa" and not "kaksi koirat"? Is there an easy to remember rule to decide when to use which kind of plural?


"Kaksi koirat" doesn't make sense because "kaksi" is singular and "koirat" is plural. Finnish numerals have singular and plural forms, and they need to agree in number with the nouns they modify. "Kahdet koirat" would make more sense, but it means something like "two pairs of dogs".


"Kahdet koirat" would make more sense

Grammatically, but not that much more as a concept... :-) (Maybe for sled dogs...?)

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That's the partitive case. There are several rules when it's to be used; one of the rules is that it's needed after number and quantity words. See better and more comprehensive explanation here.


Thank you. I will check that out

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