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"Viisi viisasta siiliä istuu keskellä suurta kiveä."

Translation:Five wise hedgehogs are sitting in the middle of a large rock.

July 23, 2020



This is such a strange English translation, I understand what they mean, and how it works in Finnish, but in English it sounds like the hedgehogs are somehow inside of the rock, and not on top of it. I can't even offer a better solution for this except to, maybe, rewrite the whole sentence and have something other than a rock.


Things sit on a rock, not in one.


I don't know what the difference between a rock and a stone is so I have flagged it up for review


A rock is bigger, so maybe a stone would be too small unless the wise hedgehogs are tiny... Oh well, the contributor team must decide!


If both are "kivi" in Finnish, then I would think it should be accepted. This is a Finnish course, not an English course and the difference between rock and stone is very nuanced.


That was quite a tongue twister! I repeated the listening over and over and didn't click on slow, and managed to write "Viisi viisasta siilia istuu keskella suurta kivea". Maybe it's the TTS, maybe it's the fact that my native language doesn't have sounds like ä, but I can't seem to recognise that sound in these exercises.

[deactivated user]

    Why always the use of Suuri, its a bit of context here. Iso is s better usage


    Why is it "a large rock" and why is "large rock" wrong? "rocks" is even the suggestion with enabled hints. Also with plural it made sense, like the hedgehogs were sitting in the middle of several large rocks - contrary to the aforementioned confusion here with "in the middle of a large rock" .. :)

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