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I have lost all my motivation D=

Hi guys. Since the lessons and tree got longer on the French Tree, I have completely lost my motivation to practise my french. Every day I just do the timed practice for the First few skills: Basics 1, Greetings, Basics 2, People, Travel, Idioms, Family, Activities, People 2, Family 2 & Restaurant. Sometimes I don't even do that many and just repeat some stories that I have already done. I was really dedicated to learning French on my First month of Duolingo as I had no other languages I was in the process of learning. Now, all I ever do is just scroll on the forums literally from 8am- 4/5pm. I think I should maybe join an event one day, but I don't think my parent would let me go on my laptop or tablet at 10:00 PM to be at an Event on Zoom. I really need some advice on how I should get myself back on track again.

Thank you for reading, Stay safe & Have a nice day!


July 23, 2020



Hi, I think that you should ask your parents to let you join the event or you should try to find other events which are quite earlier. One of the events I join is at 6:00 PM (GMT+5) and another one is 11:00 PM (GMT+5). However, my parents let me use the laptop because they know that I am using it for learning. Hope your parents also understand :)


Nice. My parent literally never let me go on my laptop after 6 :(

I really don't even know why but I will try to convince them!



Hi GeekGirl_636,

You have already gone a long way with French, and maybe it can motivate you if you strive for two things:

  1. Getting to level 25 in French, you are already at level 18 so you are relatively near.

  2. Getting a golden owl in learning French from English. You already obtained one for the reverse tree, getting one for the tree itself makes it complete.

Good luck.


That is really true, thnx for motivating me!


My god! You do that every day?! nowadays I barely even open duolingo...

I think that even that what you do now is much. But hey, remind yourself why you are even learning the language. And setting goals might help, like finishing certain goals in a week or something.

Dont give up! :D


Aww, thank you for the motivation! I don't normally get that far but that's what I aim for...


please dont give up there will be a way out Amigo !! have faint in yourself!!


Psst! You have a typo faint : faith :D


Think about why you started. How did you feel? Try to get to that goal. It doesn't matter if you are good or not, you know that it's your best and hopefully it'll improve. If you are really dedicated on that goal, your parent might even let you take part in an event. Hope this was helpful =D


Thank you so much. Your comment was really helpful and really motivational, Thank you!


You're welcome!!! I just hope you get the motivation you need =D


This is is exactly the reason why I love this Duolingo Communtiy, everyone is here for one another! Thank you so so so so much guys! I think I have now re-gained my motivation to go out there and become fluent! I only have 117 XP till I reach level 19 so I will go and do that now! Thank you guys a lot once again! =D

(I'll give y'all a lingot and an upvote as that's the only thing I can give you :)


I see you reached Level 19, well done, that's a great achievement! :)


I would recommend to just take a break for while ( or if you have a high streak- doing only 1 lesson a day ) seems like you have a small addiction to browsing the Duolingo forums ( no hate or anything hahaha me too) but I recommend drawing, reading in french, doing a workout, calling or texting your friends, etc - doing something other then on duolingo. maybe that will relax you a bit. Also focusing on 1 language might help? maybe ur stressed over that. Then you also have to remember you are are doing Duolingo for yourself and you could either scroll thru the forum or learn a whole column in french. Your choice. Good luck.


How about this for motivation: Clique

J'ai compris tous les mots, j'ai bien compris, merci
Raisonnable et nouveau, c'est ainsi par ici
Que les choses ont changé, que les fleurs ont fané
Que le temps d'avant, c'était le temps d'avant
Que si tout zappe et lasse, les amours aussi passent

Il faut que tu saches

J'irai chercher ton coeur si tu l'emportes ailleurs
Même si dans tes danses d'autres dansent tes heures
J'irai chercher ton âme dans les froids dans les flammes
Je te jetterai des sorts pour que tu m'aimes encore

Fallait pas commencer m'attirer me toucher
Fallait pas tant donner moi je sais pas jouer
On me dit qu'aujourd'hui, on me dit que les autres font ainsi
Je ne suis pas les autres
Avant que l'on s'attache, avant que l'on se gâche

Je veux que tu saches

J'irai chercher ton coeur si tu l'emportes ailleurs
Même si dans tes danses d'autres dansent tes heures
J'irai chercher ton âme dans les froids dans les flammes
Je te jetterai des sorts pour que tu m'aimes encore

Je trouverai des langages pour chanter tes louanges
Je ferai nos bagages pour d'infinies vendanges
Les formules magiques des marabouts d'Afrique
J'les dirai sans remords pour que tu m'aimes encore

Je m'inventerai reine pour que tu me retiennes
Je me ferai nouvelle pour que le feu reprenne
Je deviendrai ces autres qui te donnent du plaisir
Vos jeux seront les nôtres si tel est ton désir
Plus brillante plus belle pour une autre étincelle
Je me changerai en or pour que tu m'aimes encore.


Weerwater :) I knew this was Celine Dion the minute I read the words as I would write down MANY of the words to her songs. My french teacher from Paris use to tell me be careful though some phrases of her songs ( especially earlier one's) are French Canadian. ;) BTW, I really like this song and it's one I listen to frequently. :) Songs in languages are MY BIGGEST motivation for helping in staying focused! :)


Aww! Thank you so much, really is motivating =D


I get the impression that this is the intention of the the new vastly larger French from English trees!

There is now so much material that it can act as a barrier for a beginner in the course.

If I were just starting and were faced with this new material, I would have left Duolingo completely and gone somewhere else, or focused on another language or have done French from another language instead of from English!

The original tree was much smaller and looked doable, I worked on it every day and put several hours in on a daily basis.

Yet, it still took me about 18 months to finish that tree!

I would suggest you to to Memrise and look at their staff created courses, they are very well done and are broken up into doable chunks!

Hopefully that will help re-motivate you!


I disagree, but maybe it's because I have different goals than you. I have only recently started the French Tree (80 days ago; my account is a lot older though), and I think the larger tree helps you make smaller goals and achieve quicker checkpoints, while showing you that you still have a lot more to do.

I might be a better fit for Duo's "casual" audience, who want to learn a language semi-passively, almost as a game. But it works for me!


Thank you, Daniel! I will look at the Memries now.


The app costs money, but it's free on the computer!



Quote: Now, all I ever do is just scroll on the forums literally from 8am- 4/5pm.

Then try reading the threads in the general "Duolingo(French)" or Troubleshooting(French) forum :-)

This really can be challenging as I see native speakers writing in the Portuguese forums.


Maybe you need a small "learning break" from Duolingo?

You can continue with the global PRACTICE button and gaining 1-20XP which will save your streak.

How about any Hacking/Learn Basic/Beginner user-created course on Memrise (web)?
Have you already started with the offical French 1-7 course series created by the Memrise team?

Good news:
You can disable multiple-choice questions on the Memrise web portal and be forced to use 100% free typing WITHOUT any hints.
Not only for single words, but also for phrases and full sentences (however Duolingo offers way more accepted answer alternatives).

RECALLING tests are great for measuring your progress with real French practice.

Maybe you are just thick of having to read too much in French? :-)


Or pick an audio course:

50languages offers MP3 audio files for FREE recorded by native speakers.
You will see different vocabulary and phrases/sentences can be longer.


"I was really dedicated to learning French on my First month of Duolingo as I had no other languages I was in the process of learning".

Maybe the issue is there: doing too much things at the same time and spending too much intellectual energy. You may need to focus back on a single language and have a walk (or doing sport) more often.


Whenever I hit a "slump" in learning a language, I remind myself that AT LEAST this "particular language" has more to help you learn it than some of my others, like Circassian/Kabardian, Archi and Tuyuca! :/ I WISH I had more to learn with those and so it makes me MORE GRATEFUL for the content I have for these other languages, and THAT is motivating! :) Listening to music in the languages and fairy tales helps me see how far I have come in understanding. Being able to understand french when it's spoken by someone ( especially a native), is gratifying. :) Find things that remind you of why you want to learn the language and make it fun by doing something that keeps you in a "positive" place with it. If you do, it won't matter how long the "tree" is or how much you have to learn as you will WANT to DO it. :) Allow yourself to see how far you have come already and you will want to move further and you will give yourself confidence. If you need help, perhaps a tutor. I love working with native tutors as I learn the MOST from them about the languages and cultures! I recommend it highly. Sometimes you discover a new friend! :) I wish you luck going forward and just enjoy learning french without fretting how much there is as, the learning process will NEVER end. Bonne Chance mon ami.


Don't share your age.


Who shared their age!?


Set your goal to 50 and just zip through a few units. It's not too hard. They inserted a lot of stuff in between where got to so it's easy but somewhat boring to complete the tree. Motivation always comes and goes I think. That's true for everything.


Been there. Whenever I feel bored, I learn a whole new skill and immerse myself in the new words.


French is a language designed to torment students! :| So, if you ask me, you're on the right track lol.


You could always try consuming media in French as a break. Podcasts, tv shows, books, etc.


Don't give me, move forward. To relax from french try other languages. I was always that boy struggling with languages in school, but after meeting Duolingo my life changed so much. French seemed impossible in the beginning, but at some point it gets so easy and it's wonderful to see it happening.


When I was learning English, I also felt this way.... so I took a long break and now I'm getting back to the studies, but I'd still watch some stuff in English to don't forget everything.


I'm like you actually :( I have too much to do : learn spanich, learn once again english and german for my BAC this year. But trees are too long and my motivation lets my down :(


Hi GeekGirl! I hope you get more motivation soon :c I don't want you to have no motivation!


Think of it as a marathon, not a sprint. It's a lifelong journey, not something to rush through and conquer. The length of the tree is irrelevant, your goal is to learn the language, not finish the tree. Remember your reasons for wanting to learn French, and how knowing this language will make your life better, the doors it can open for you. When you're in college you can go spend a semester or year in Paris, etc. Good luck!


N'utiliser pas de zoom. Zoom n'est pas logicielle libre. C'est tres dangereux.


Me too-oo! That’s really not nice! Please, give me some advice! It’s possible I have some mystakes in my sentence!


When I am wondering about how my progress is going and want motivation I watch a french film with french subtitles. I find it puts a lot of the stuff we've learnt into context and whilst you may not be able to understand it all the french subtitles help. I've found it better than with English subtitles as if I watch with english subtitles I just read the subtitles and don't take in the French.

And you get to chill out and watch movie.

Good luck studying can get tedious if you can't apply it to real situations


@GeekGirl_636 could u link ur animation post?


Here's a lingot to try to make you feel better, GeekGirl!

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