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"Minä seuraan tietä, joten en voi eksyä."

Translation:I am following the road, so I cannot get lost.

July 23, 2020



is there a reason it's 'the road' and not 'a road', or can that be acceptable too?


I would say 'so that I don't get lost'. It is more natural English. I think the Finns are nitpicking if they do not allow that interpretation.


Please report any missing translations using the little flag after each exercise.

This suggestion, however, does not match the Finnish sentence. As you can see from my reply to HappyMatty1, the Finnish sentence does not involve the kind of strategy behind this action that both your suggestion and HappyMatty1's describe.

Finally, mild insults (even when directed at 5.5 million people!!) don't affect either of the above.


Duolingo is about translations, not interpretations.


Thank you, Annika, for your detailed explanations and, whilst I may not agree with the best (most natural) spoken English, I wonder whether 'thus' might be an acceptable alternative?


It would be better if this English was accepted "I am following the road so that I cannot get lost"


Nope, that's a slightly different meaning. Your sentence suggests that it is an intentional strategy, whereas the Finnish sentence and the suggested translation don't imply that, just a cause and an effect.

The Finnish translation of your sentence would be "(Minä) seuraan tietä, niin että en eksy" or "jotta en eksyisi".


I was about to say this, but then I saw the detail explained :D

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