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"Tämä viini on todella halpaa. Ehkä ruokalistassa on virhe."

Translation:This wine is really cheap. Maybe there is a mistake in the menu.

July 23, 2020



I think "error on the menu" should be allowed too?

[deactivated user]

    Mistake "with the menu"


    I'll see your with and raise you on. :-)

    (I think a mistake with the menu sounds more like something happening to the actual paper item than there being a typo on it.)


    Is there a difference between really cheap and pretty cheap? Shouldn't they both be accepted?


    No, they are different. "Really" means "very" and "pretty" means "rather" or "fairly": the latter is less strong. I think the distinction is proper, although I have a problem with using "pretty" as an adverb. It is strictly colloquial.


    I wouldn't say using pretty as an adverb is colloquial. It is pretty common.

    There's also a problem with words like pretty and rather: they're used so often in ironic understatement that they come to be understood as simple intensifiers. For me and speakers of my dialect there isn't much space between he's pretty ugly and he's very ugly. With somewhat and a little it's clear that it's understatement, but with rather and pretty they are more often used ironically than sincerely, so they they are understood as simple intensifiers.


    I just did the literal traslation and it says it's wrong


    A mistake ON the menu, not IN the menu. Bad English, Duo!


    I think im English we would normally say there is a mistake ON the menu, not "in"

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