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"Kaksi makkaraa ja perunasalaattia, kiitos."

Translation:Two sausages and potato salad, please.

July 23, 2020


[deactivated user]

    Some potato salad


    "Some potato" salad or "a potato salad" should be among correct options, since DL has been so strict about using articles in all previous exercises.


    I wrote "some potato salad" instead of just "potato salad" and it was marked wrong. This should not be the case. Either option is correct.


    I agree with the previous comments. "Two sausages and some potato salad please" should probably be accepted. If not, I'd like to know why not. Reported.


    "Some potato salad" is the closest English to the partitive here. It should be accepted. It's also more fluent English than "two sausages and potato salad".


    I used a potato salad and it was marked wrong which it definitely should not.


    One more protest in favor of "some potato salad" not being counted as wrong. It's clearly a partitive form!

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