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"Nämä opettajat eivät puhu suomea!"

Translation:These teachers do not speak Finnish!

July 23, 2020



I got marked wrong for responding that "The Australian family is barbecuing together." The right answer, apparently, is "The Australian family barbecues together." So then, with 'sinä et puhu englantia' I responded 'you do not speak English.' I was marked wrong with the correct reponse as ' You are not speaking English.' So now, with this current sentence that immediately follows that one, I respond that these teachers are not speaking Finnish. Bam, marked incorrect, because ... This is frustrating.


Well, you are doing a course that is still in beta. Not all possible translations have been added yet. Just report your correct answer that wasn't accepted using the flag, make a mental note that this is the particular translation that is accepted right now, and then enjoy the fact that your reports are helping improve the course for future learners.

(I have actually suggested to some people I know who get particularly stressed out by these things to wait a few months after a course is released in beta before starting it.)


They should start learning it on duolingo!


This whole time I thought they were teaching me Finnish -- and it turned out to be Klingon. No wonder they were snickering so much!


I don’t understand why puhuu is not right. I thought that was the correct word for third person plural


"Puhuu" is commonly used in place of the plural verb in spoken Finnish, but the truly correct third person plural form is "puhuvat". This, however, only applies to when the verb is positive, by which I mean when it's not being negated. Negative verbs, i.e. verbs that are paired with a negation, assume a different form than their positive equivalents.

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