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Help with learning to speak Belgian French

This may sound like an odd one, but I have a soft spot for Belgium therefor i'm learning their languages. I actually have a soft spot for both Sweden and Belgium, so right now I'm currently learning Swedish and French and then will move on to some Dutch (in order to not confuse two germanic languages) and possibly some German in the future.

I know Belgian french is almost identicle to Parisian French, but are there any french speaking Belgians here with any advice on how to sound more Belgian when speaking french? Like any typical Belgian expressions, filler words, pronounciations on some words you know of?

I have an idea of the use of ‘Savoir’ VS ‘Pouvoir’, the different names to meal times and the numbers :p

There's not alot of information on the internet (:

Thank you! Lots of love to you Belgium! (:

July 23, 2020



There is an old US government course from the FSI called French Headstart for Belgium that may be of interest to you. The course was built to teach French to US diplomats. I can't vouch for it's quality though since I haven't used it.

My main advice would be to seek out and study French media that is produced in Belgium like podcasts, tv shows, radio, etc. For example: I've recently decided to learn Chilean Spanish so I'm listening to podcasts and watching tv shows produced in Chile.


Aw you're learning Chilean Spanish! That's awesome :p And thank you for the tips! (:


Si tu parle correctement le français on te comprendra toujours ici en Belgique ;) Il y a pas mal de petites différences de vocabulaire - essuie au lieu de serviette - septante et nonante au lieu de soixante-dix et quatre vingt dix - ... Pour ce que est des expressions et de l'accent, on parle différemment dans toutes les régions Belgique comme France


If you are into watching TV series for language learning and have a Netflix subscription, then I definitely recommend the series called "Into the Night" since it is a Belgian series in which the characters speak Belgian French. I've seen it (For now in English but i'm planning on re-watching after learning French) and it will certainly not let you down. It's really thrilling and has an actually good story and plot.

Hope you enjoy it!


Thanks so much! :D I've just added it to my list! If anyone else has anymore Belgian series/films they recommend let me know! I'll greatly appreciate it! (:


I don't really know about Belgian French vs French French, but on this site you can find video's in both accents so that you can hear the difference in spoken language.



Thank you! I didn't know about this website, it will be really helpful for me! (:


thank you! (:

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