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"Kello on viisi ja on aika syödä päivällistä."

Translation:It is five o'clock and it is time to eat dinner.

July 23, 2020



The second "it is" is unnecessary


5 sounds early for dinner. Do finns usually dine that early?


not at all uncommon :)


"o' clock" should be written so. The full expression is "of the clock", so the position of the apostrophe is after the o, not before the clock.


My Finnish bf says that you cannot say "päivällinen" and mean "dinner". Dinner is apparently "illallinen". Thoughts?


I think that all over the world, words for meals have changed drastically as social habits have changed in the last century or so. To the point that the Swedish evening meal is "middag" despite this being nonsensical. In England there is also a north/south divide over whether "dinner" is a midday or evening meal. I imagine similar may be true of päivällinen in Finland.

My mother tells a story of the time she invited a friend to "supper" meaning an evening meal and the friend eventually turned up thinking it was a late night snack. The lesson is, whatever language you're speaking, if someone invites you to a meal, check what time they mean!


Native are always right


Native speakers have also created this course! There are differences between native speakers as well, you know?


On aika siesta Espanjassa :)


Täysin oikein! (JL Barcelonassa)


Can you imagine a relationship between an Argentinian and a Finn? While one is having breakfast the other is having lunch, and then when one is having dinner the other is having lunch... Polar opposite times for eating (while also being literally positioned at polar opposites)


horrified Spaniard

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