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"Eu não quero ir para a escola."

Translation:I don't want to go to school.

May 16, 2013



"the school" should be accepted.. smh


I agree- there is an artucle here, so the school should be ok


I think it's possible to have a sentence tgat makes sense with the article. Q: "Why didn't you accept the scholarship?". A: "I don't want to go to the school."


Why isn't this 'I do not want to go to THE school'? Does 'ir para' translate to 'go to'?, I thought 'ir' by itself could mean 'go to'.


Go to school = ir para a escola / ir à escola. I think the point here wasnt the building, but the habit of going to school. Then, the wasnt used. Everytime you say "go to",use "ir para/a"


Ok, thanks. The 'a' after 'ir para' just seemed unnecessary, which threw me off.


This is the natural and more common way.

The school can be right in context, but, thats 1% of the time lol

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