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"Me etsimme yhtä tai kahta sinistä kukkaa."

Translation:We are looking for one or two blue flowers.

July 23, 2020


[deactivated user]

    I would like to refer people to the following link with respect to conjugating numbers including the partitive: https://uusikielemme.fi/finnish-grammar/morphology/the-inflection-of-the-numbers/

    I have found that the uusikielemme site contains a lot of useful grammar info. Just fyi.


    That page is currently unavailable (404) and I wish I had some minimal explanation of this here. Why do these numbers seem to be in the partitive?


    Partitive is used because 'etsiä' is an irresultative verb. It can also be described as an on going action.


    I agree.

    There is useful information on other sites, and I know this language is relatively new on Duolingo, but it would be great if there were tips and explanations IN Duolingo, rather than new concepts being sprung on us with the advice to "look somewhere else."


    Bruce Wayne and Ras Al Ghul..

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