"If you need a specialist, tell her."

Translation:Si tu as besoin d'une spécialiste, dis-le-lui.

July 23, 2020

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si tu as besoin d'un specialiste dis le lui should be accepted; specialiste can be masculine or feminine!


Yes given that 'her' isn't referring to the specialist. I think this should be an equally valid interpretation.


Like English, and many other European languages, an unknown gender defaults to the masculine. It's not a sexism thing, it's a Latin thing! (Think homo sapiens - "wise man". Just refers to all humankind, not just men.) In a situation like this where there is no obvious gender to refer back to, it will always be masculine.

If you think this is bad, try German. Girls are neuter! (It's to do with the spelling.)


Agree, I reported that.


Duo rejected "vous avez": no idea why


Meant to add, dis-lui was accepted without anything controversial! Not sure when it's ok to drop the article, it seems rather arbitrary when using DL sentences (there is no obvious "trigger" to use it, if that makes sense). Anyway, if you are uncertain about a gender, try dropping the article and see if it's accepted as such.


Ckendall19 -d'une specialiste


How do you know the specialist is female ? They are also males.

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