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  5. "Perhe istuu auringossa."

"Perhe istuu auringossa."

Translation:The family is sitting in the sun.

July 23, 2020



Have suggested "the family sits in the sun" as an alternative answer


Yup, that should get accepted (sooner or later).

[deactivated user]

    The family are sitting in the sun was rejected also


    How come ""On liian kuuma auringossa" was the wrong order (should have been Auringossa on liian kuuma), but here it's the right order for auringossa?

    The way things have been explained so far is that I'd have thought this sentence meant "The family is sitting in a sun."


    When a sentence has either a subject or location, I think the most neutral word order doesn't put a third person verb first in the sentence, unless the verb is suffixed with -ko. Right after either the subject or location seems normal.

    Both 'Perhe istuu auringossa' and 'Auringossa istuu perhe' seem like alright sentences, though the latter is a better match for 'a family' instead of 'the family'.

    As for 'the sun' vs 'a sun', I think while the latter is unlikely semantically, both are grammatically possible translations.

    Whether the subject precedes or follows the location has been correlating pretty well with the definite and indefinite articles of the subject, but the location has been translated with both articles when following the subject.

    Consider "Elääkö vihreä pöllö metsässä?" "Does the green owl live in a forest?" But 'Puro on metsässä', "The stream is in the forest."

    'Pari tyttöä istuu kahvilassa', "A couple of girls are sitting in the café". But 'Istun kahvilassa ja syön piirakkaa', "I am sitting in a café and eating a pie".


    This sounds very uncomfortable...

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