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  5. "Tuo väri on nyt muotia."

"Tuo väri on nyt muotia."

Translation:That color is in fashion now.

July 23, 2020



"That color is in style now" was marked wrong. Reported.


The word order does not change the meaning of the sentence and the order is acceptable.


What order did you use?


If you had any of these: Tuo väri on nyt muotia. Muotia on nyt tuo väri. Nyt tuo väri on muotia. Tuo väri on muotia nyt. Nyt muotia on tuo väri. Nyt on muotia tuo väri. they are all correct with no significant difference and should be accepted.

You can reverse "tuo väri" to "väri tuo" or put "on" to the end of sentence to create a poetic feel to it without any change to the meaning, but I really don't recommend it in everyday language. "Tuo väri nyt on muotia." has a different tone, but I cant explain further. Any more suggestions? :)


I'd rather not teach people to talk like Yoda. You can place nyt both before or after muotia without changing the emphasis much. All the other options you list would lead to significant changes in the English translation. :)


Why "muotia" and not "muotissa" or "muotilla"? Partitive is the least expected case for me here.


Muodissa is also a possibility.

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