"Was she driving?"

Translation:An robh i a' draibheadh?

July 23, 2020

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Why not "bha I a draibheadh"?


Because bha i a’ draibheadh would not be a question, it is a statement she was driving. To turn it into a question was she driving? you need the interrogative (question) particle an (which often translates to English do…?, does…?, did…?, etc.) which takes the dependent form of a verb. And the dependent form of past-tense bha is robh, so the question changes to: an robh i a’ draibheadh? was she driving?.


Ah I see. I was confused by the English working either way. As in "she was driving?" which still works although is less common and usually as a reply to a statement. I realise it's usually English which is the weird one. Thanks.


In a casual conversation it could work as an echo question (repeating a statement in a questioning manner), but only as an echo question.

Notice that Gaelic doesn’t really use different intonation to mark questions – both statements and questions have falling intonation (except for echo questions, which I guess might be English influence), so you need different wording – the interrogative particle – to mark a question.

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