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"My friend and I touched an elephant."

Translation:Meu amigo e eu tocamos em um elefante.

May 16, 2013



How am I supposed to know past tense when it hasn't been taught yet?


Good point. I think this must have landed here because the present and past tense of the word (tocamos) is the same in this case. :)


Agreed, this is a mean trick at this point.


I've been asked to use paat tense a number of times and I still haven't been taught that yet. It's so unfair.


tocamos EM um elefante?


Also correct. Just report.


Why can't you say either "meu amigo" or "o meu amigo" as the subject?


You can say that. Just report...


I thought "toca" was "play" like playing an instrument


Yes, that too!

Tocar violino = Play violin.
Tocar em um violino = Touch ("on") a violin.

Eu toco piano = I play piano
Eu toco (n)o piano = I touch ("on")the piano

The "em" tells us that it means "touch". I added the "on" in parentheses to show the difference, but I don't know if that helps. Think of it this way: usually, if we are talking about instruments, we just say tocar + instrument. If other words are stuck in between them (such as: the, on, a), it is likely that it means "touch". I just figured that out, so there may be flaws in that tip... but I think it actually works. =]


Oh come on, I used amiga and got this wrong. Can't women touch elephants?

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