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Problem with decaying skills

I'm on my way through the Dutch tree and I noticed that my "Adjectives 1" skill is decaying almost every day, so I gotta strenghten is all the time, which is kinda irritating :P

August 9, 2014



Exactly the same here. I thought perhaps I just really sucked at adjectives even though I manage to strengthen with full hearts 85% of the time with it but nope, still decays faster than a kid's set of teeth who drinks coca cola like it's oxygen.


I have the same problem with "Household" in the german tree.

Also when I strengthen a skill in the morning on my cell phone, in the evening of the same day the same skills show needing to be strengthened!! Today it was Colors and Occupation. Something strange is going on and while the extra practice isn't necessarily a bad thing I'd prefer if it worked correctly.


I think it is kind of odd, that after learning for the first time one starts with a "golden skill". After two weeks of daily practise I am so much better !


Yep. It hasn't done it in the past couple of days, but generally that's the only skill that isn't always golden.


Same here in "Verbs: Past" in Spanish.


I see this post is 2 years old, but I wanted to just comment here rather than making a new post: My situation is similar, but on a much worse level- on my Greek language tree, I noticed that dozens of my skills have lost their gold all of a sudden. I maintain my skills religiously and I make sure that I have reviewed each skill that needs strengthening so that I end the day with all of them golden. Therefore, I know it cannot possibly be correct that so many skills need strengthening all at once (seriously, there are literally dozens that lost gold from yesterday to today), there must be a problem with the program...Has this ever happened to anyone else, and if so, can anything be done? As others have commented, I know the extra practice doesn't hurt, but seriously, it pains me that I will now have to do like 5 hours of review to get everything golden again...


I have problems with the "Time" skill on my French tree. The first time it decayed I immediately did a strengthen practice lesson. It didn't strengthen. So I did it again, and again ... I gave up.



Please, please please please make it so that, especially for people who have finished courses, it isn't necessary to do a whole bunch of beginners exercises in order to strengthen the skills of later exercises.

I want to practise my portuguese tenses but I'm stuck learning ele and ela...i know these things already and don't need to go through them again...to be honest, it's turned me off of the app altogether.

Also, PLEASE MAKE MORE USE OF THE "TU" subject; everything is VOCE all the time..it's not as practical.

I apologise should this not be relevant to everyone, but I'm trying to keep my feedback in line with what's been said here, without making an entirely new thread.


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