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  5. "Op wiens paard?"

"Op wiens paard?"

Translation:On whose horse?

August 9, 2014



Is wiens very used in dutch? Or can you also say: op de paard van wie?


You can use Op het paard van wie?, but it's normally used to have some extra emphasis on wie and/or to express more emotion (you're surprised and have no idea who the person is whose horse will be used). I guess wiens is more common.


The Dutch region I'm from, we don't say wiens. We'd say ,,Op wie z'n paard?" I'm not sure if that's considered a coloquialism, or acceptable Nederlands.


I'd say it's colloquial, but it's commonly used, so probably on its way to become standard Dutch and wiens is on its way out.


Thanks, I'll keep it in mind! :)


Is "wiens" also used in flemish? Sorry for asking, I know it's dutch from the Netherlands that we learn here. But as a belgian, I mostly need to learn flemish. So if a flemish could help me with this one, it would be really cool. Thanks!


Do I sense some sarcasm in this question?


"On whose horse?" sounds a lot to me like "You and what army?"


That's how I think of it too!


I thought the same. Some of these sentences do not make sense to start with, in either language. Certainly not for a language learner.


Is it just me, or is the word 'paard' not clear enough in the audio? It sounds like the woman speaking says 'baard', or 'pbaard'.


Wiens sound archaic to me, I woud probably use "Wie z'n" or "Van wie".

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