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  5. "Cross-country skiing is fun!"

"Cross-country skiing is fun!"

Translation:Hiihto on hauskaa!

July 23, 2020



The English version is more specific than the accepted translation. Cross-country skiing (English) vs skiing (Finnish)

[deactivated user]

    You're right but we usually say just hiihto when we mean cross-country skiing and laskettelu for downhill skiing.


    I generally agree, but also find that this a changed a bit over the years. 30 years ago I could be sure that someone meant cross country when they said hiihtää, but now... not so much.

    To Luke: Cross country skiing is called maastohiihto or murtomaahiihto in Finnish. They sound very formal, though! People often shorten murtomaahiihto just to murtsikka.

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