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"Good thing this city has a metro."

Translation:Onneksi tässä kaupungissa on metro.

July 23, 2020



"Onneksi" I would say translate more to "fortunately". "Hyvä että tässä kaupungissa on metro". Would be the better translation to this example


Yes, I agree. But good thing should still be accepted, too.


Would it be more closely translated by saying: fortunately there is a metro in this city. Kaupungi-ssa seems to mean something is "in" something


Yeah, that's the inessive case (-ssa/ssä).

Kaupunki + -ssA = kaupungissa (in a/the city)

Minä + -ssA = minussa (in me)

te + ssA = teissä (in you, pl.)

It is used in a couple of different ways, but the general meaning is "in X".


Why "tässä" and not "tämä"?


Why not -lla? Like in "minulla on..."

"Tässä kaupungissa on metro" seems to be more like "There's a metro in this city", not "this city has a metro."


not a native, but from what I've gathered... you use -lla for a person that possesses something and -ssa for an object/place that "possesses" something (a possession that doesn't rely on someone)

for example, if you have four tires you would say minulla on neljä rengasta (you have a tire, but you can always throw it away or something) but if the car has four tires you would say autossa on neljä rengasta, you can see that as "there are four ties in a car" which is basically the same thing

and for that reason you should use tässä kaupungissa in that exercise :)


That is my question too.


kaupungissa = in the city. I would have to translate this as "Good thing there is a metro in this city."

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