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"Kaisa is smelling the flower."

Translation:Kaisa haistelee kukkaa.

July 23, 2020



Is the 'ele' bit specifically about the process. So haise is to smell but haistele is to action the process of smelling?


Read this! https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/-ella#Finnish (about suffix -ella)

Here's a difference between all the verbs that translate into "to smell":

haistella (haistaa + ella) means to sniff or to smell

haistaa means to smell

haista means to smell like/of something


"Kukka" is the singular nominative form (a/the flower). Its partitive form is "kukkaa".

The plural nominative of this noun is "kukat" (flowers) which has the partitive form "kukkia".

"Kukat ovat ihania" - (The) flowers are lovely.

"Ostin kukkia" - I bought flowers.

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