"J'ai vu des poissons en faisant de la plongée."

Translation:I saw some fish while scuba diving.

July 23, 2020

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"SCUBA" is an acronym—Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus—so must be written in all-caps. Besides, where is SCUBA in the French? Isn't faire de la plongée just diving in general?
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duolingo always accepts "diving" from me without writing scuba. If you find one that doesn't you should report it. (I think scuba has gone the way of radar and laser. It has been accepted as an evolved common noun without the need for capitals, despite its invention as an acronym.)

The manuals still capitalize it, and use it in the intended manner. They have sentences like "When diving with SCUBA one should always have a secondary air source." I have dived in places where they speak English, Spanish, French, Nederlands, and Papamiento, and no one really refers to it as SCUBA diving. They just say diving. (FWIW, in my experience the French mostly just say "plonger" and not "faire de la plongée." "La plongée sous marine" is also common. In Spanish, "bucear" or "buceo". The UBA is understood.)

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    Poppycock. It's spelled scuba diving. Check a dictionary.


    For the younger American students; "Poppycock" is an archaic term that means "b.s." Back in the day we looked for phrases that weren't considered crass; i.e. horsefeathers, poppycock, mule muffins, etc. :-)

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