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  5. "Olemme pahoillamme."

"Olemme pahoillamme."

Translation:Our apologies.

July 23, 2020



We are sorry should be accepted!


I don't get why pahoilla takes the same ending as the verb.


Even if it looks like it, the word "pahoillaan" (an adverb) doesn't get the same ending as the olla-verb, but instead it does get the possessive suffix required. With "me" the suffix, however, resembles the way verbs are conjugated with "me". :)

(minä) olen pahoillani

(sinä) olet pahoillasi

hän/se on pahoillaan

(me) olemme pahoillamme

(te) olette pahoillanne

he/ne ovat pahoillaan (pahoillansa)


In other exercise, "our deepest apologies" is the required answer. But this time, including "deepest" has been marked wrong. Not sure why it's correct sometimes but not at other times--seems it should be an option here too.


Just report it. That's how we users can contribute to the accepted answers. I wrote, "We are very sorry" but it was rejected. If anybody here can comment on its validity, please let me know. I did report it. When I am pretty sure of my answer, I check for typos then hit that report button. I check here on the SD too.


I did report it

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