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"I cannot travel, because I am in quarantine."

Translation:En voi harrastaa matkailua, koska olen karanteenissa.

July 23, 2020



"En voi matkustaa, koska olen karanteenissa" should be accepted as well.


It suggests "en voi matkailla" when I wrote "en voi matkailua";

What is the difference between matkailua, matkailla and matkustaa?


Agree with this arguement


That is the appropriat answer


Why harrastaa? Where is traveling as a hobby mentioned?


Good question. It should have prepared us for such usage, if even correct.

[deactivated user]

    The verb "harrastaa" is sometimes used for other things too.


    Just looked it up in the WSOY Finnish - English dictionary, which explains it as "take up (a hobby)" or "take an interest in (a hobby)", but I still do not see how this would fit into a sentence about not being allowed to travel due to a quarantine. Could you explain for which "other things" or in which contexts?

    [deactivated user]

      You could say "harrastaa matkailua" if you travel regurarly but if it's one time it's "matkustaa".


      Not enough context here to justify the use of ¨harrastaa¨.


      wrong answer . the correct answer should be and is ........ En voi matkustaa koska olen karanteenissa


      en voi matkustaa koska olen karenteenissa is the primary meaning of that English sentence. If you require us to talk about "travelling as a hobby" we'll need more context than just the fact that this section is about hobbies please. This sentence could very well be said during a business meeting over video conference or something.


      Same level of confusion here... Or is it "I cannot travel for leisure" because of restriction (compared to business travel that would be authorized)?


      This is one with provided answers and the word you say is correct is not in the list to choose from.


      I had this happen also. The word bubble offered "matkailua". It marked it correct, but with the typo notice saying it is spelled "matkailla", which was not an option. I am flagging it.

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