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  5. "Wij zwemmen."

"Wij zwemmen."

Translation:We swim.

August 9, 2014



I typed in "We zwemmen" and was marked incorrect. Is there a reason this sentence must have a stressed pronoun?


If it's a listening excersise yes, you shouldn't switch words


Why is 'we' not correct?


What is the difference between "we" and "wij"?


The difference is described in the Tips for the Stress Pr. Skill. "wij" is stressed and "we" is not. They sound different and are used at different times.


I'm sitting here with a Dutch native who says "we zwemmen" is correct. Period. There's no way to know which word should be emphasized in a two-word sentence. I'm surprised this broken mind-game trick question hasn't been fixed, but I guess you get what you pay for.


It is, not period though! If you say repeat after me "wij zwemmen" and you say "we zwemmen" it's simply incorrect, period. Just as "wij zingen" would be. You should repeat exactly what was said, not make up alternatives.

In just a written exercise like I mentioned at the beginning, both indeed are correct in this sentence (since there is no context that specifically requires wij)


I answered "We zwemmen" and got an error saying I had typed in English not Dutch???


In the hearing practice, the man has a peculiar way to say "zwemmen". It's almost like "zijn".


How many kind of a verb in Dutch? Such as "eat, eats, eating, ate, eaten" in English.


I think about the same as in english.

We use auxiliary verbs just like english for other tenses. So have walked is hebben gelopen. So unlike languages like Latin the verb doesn't get tonnes of inflections. (Where something like I might have would have had walked would just be walk with a long suffix) (sorry too tired to look up an actual example)


Many. There are conjugations in all tenses. Check this page for the verb"to be", for example: https://www.vertalen.nu/vervoeging?vervoeg=zijn&taal=nl


What's the difference between zwemen and zwemmen?


Zwemen a rare word (surprised noone commented zwemen doesn't exist) and it's even rate in that plural form. Zweem is like a faint ... Hm faint what actually, smell? trace? Well a faint trace or residu of something it could be abstract like ambiance or like a smell.


Can somebody explain why "We swim".. But not "we are swimming' ?


Both is we/wij zwemmen.

If the tips duo gives at the start of each lessons isn't enough for you to get it, check here.

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