"Pay me back for it; otherwise, I will tell the boss!"

Translation:Rembourse-le-moi, sinon je le dirai au patron !

July 23, 2020

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The translation without the second 'le', between 'je' and 'dirai', is marked as incorrect. Is that direct object pronoun actually obligatory here? If so, when is it required, when it could be omitted in English?


When you "tell" you say something. Otherwise dirai au patron could mean "speak to the boss". It's a subtle difference.


Are dire and raconter interchangeable?


probably about as much as "tell" and "recount" are in English.

You can tell the boss your name, or you can recount to the boss a tale of your colleague's misdeeds.

En français: Vous pouvez dire votre nom au patron, ou vous pouvez lui raconter l'histoire des méfaits de votre collègue.

So not quite interchangeable in all circumstances. If it's a matter of recounting a story, then you can tell the story and it means the same thing, but you don't recount your name to the boss. You tell the boss your name.


Thanks, that's helpful.

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